Instant energy savings with no risk

A shared savings contract powered by cutting edge technology for commercial real estate owners and operators.  

Instant energy savings from your property at no cost or risk of losing tenants

Periods of low tenant occupancy present an outstanding opportunity for harvesting savings resulting from reduced energy usage. Seizing this opportunity, however, depends on an ability to pinpoint and immediately stop energy leaks. It is also important to keep the remaining occupants happy. A failure to do so can easily result in lost tenant agreements. Our technology synchronizes your tenants energy consumption with their actual needs. Deployment is fast and easy. There is no cost for installation (this is subject to technical feasibility, of course). The resulting savings are shared between you and us. 


First, our team looks into your building and its systems

Before we begin, we need to familiarize ourselves with your building and its existing automation systems.


Then, you install our proprietary technology in your building at no cost

Our solutions are quickly implemented in your property on the top of your building automation applications.


At the end of every month, we split the resulting savings

This is a win-win cooperation, as our compensation is based on the performance of our technology. 

Our team has necessary expertise in energy optimization, space usage, and occupant comfort

We are a team of experienced automation and software engineers, university researchers, and top-tier business consultants who have a passion for commercial real estate. We understand energy, buildings, and humans. Our technology has successfully demonstrated its efficiency. 

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